Masking patterns

1. Background

Inspired by requests on the AUDITORY LIST for the sets of masking patterns from Zwicker in digitized form I decided to place them on my page. In the context of my diploma theses the data were manually read out from the graphs in the original papers. For further information on masking patterns refer to the original papers cited below, search the publication list on psychoacoustics at the Technical Acoustics Group in Munich or have a look into:
Zwicker, E. and Fastl, H.: Psychoacoustics Facts and Models. 2nd updated edition. Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, 1999, 416 pages, 289 figures (3rd ed. now available).

2. Masking patterns - downloads

The data are for research purposes only and may only be downloaded and used if the source, i.e. the respective JASA paper (see below) is furtherhin fully cited.

  1. Masking patterns for sinusoidal maskers 20-60 dB SPL from Zwicker and Jaroszewski:
    "Inverse dependence of simultaneous tone-on-tone masking patterns at low levels", J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 71(6), 1508-1512 (1982).
    masking patterns (10 kB, zipped UNIX-ASCII)

  2. Masking patterns for sinusoidal maskers 40-80 dB SPL from Sonntag:
    "Zur Abhaengigkeit der Mithoerschwellen-Tonheitsmuster maskierender Sinustoene von deren Tonheit", Acustica 52, 95-97 (1982/83).
    masking patterns (9 kB, zipped UNIX-ASCII)
    The frequencies in Bark were converted to Hz using the formula given in:
    Zwicker, E. and Terhardt, E.: Analytical expressions for critical-band rate and critical bandwidth as a function of frequency. J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 68, 1523-1525 (1980).

  3. Masking patterns for narrow-band noise maskers 20-110 dB SPL from Zwicker:
    "Ueber psychologische und methodische Grundlagen der Lautheit", Acustica 8, 237-258 (1958).
    masking patterns (18 kB, zipped UNIX-ASCII)
    The masking patterns were calculated from excitation patterns of narrow-band noise maskers given in the publication above. The transformation from excitation pattern to masking pattern was done according to:
    Zwicker, E.: Die elementaren Grundlagen zur Bestimmung der Informationskapazitaet des Gehoers. Acustica 6, 365-381 (1956).

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